Nutrition Info: Resources, references, and links

This is a listing of pages I’ve drawn from while researching this project.  Over time, I hope one or both of us will write blog posts about all of these

Cooking methods/technique

Blanching veggies (Clothes Make the Girl)

Detailed discussion of veggies (and steam/sautee method)  (Clothes Make the Girl)

Dietary Issues

♦  How often/when to eat

Meal timing (Mark’s Daily Apple)

♦  Paleo & Dairy

The Dairy Manifesto (Whole 9)

The Adverse Effects of Milk (Cordain & Bastos, not really “for publication”)

The Butter Manifesto (Whole 9)

Is All Cheese Created Equal? (Mark’s Daily Apple)

Dairy & Its Effect on Insulin Secretion (and what it means for your waistline) (Mark’s Daily Apple)

The Definitive Guide to Dairy (Mark’s Daily Apple)

♦  Paleo & Grains

The Grain Manifesto (Whole 9)

Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double-Edged Sword (Whole 9/Cordain journal article)

Why Grains Are Unhealthy (Mark’s Daily Apple)  

Are Oats Healthy? (Mark’s Daily Apple)

The Definitive Guide to Grains (Mark’s Daily Apple)

♦  Paleo & Legumes

The Legume Manifesto (Whole 9)

The Peanut Manifesto (Whole 9)

Soaking & Sprouting Legumes (Q&A) (Whole 9)

♦  Paleo & Nuts

Are Nuts & Seeds Healthy? (Paleo Diet Lifestyle)

♦  Paleo & Supplements

Supplements, Part II: What’s in Our Cabinet  (Whole9)

Official Fish Oil (Omega-3) FAQ (Whole9)

 ♦  Paleo & Sweeteners

Is Honey a Safe(r) Sweetener? (Mark’s Daily Apple)

Creating New Habits, New Practices, New Orientation

Change your Habits, Part 1: The Cue (Whole9)  

Change your Habits, Part II: Willpower (Whole 9) 

Why People Fail on a Paleo Diet (Paleo Diet Lifestyle)

When you mess up on your diet, what do you do next (


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